The Social Media Report #5

A look at the week's news at the intersection of social media and society

Welcome to the latest edition of The Social Media Report, a review of the week’s developments in technology, digital and social media. In this edition we take a look at what Biden’s ascent to presidency means for social media, for the technology industry, and for Donald Trump.

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The week in review

What will post-Trump social media hold? The Trump era appears to be over. Although Trump’s tweets suggest he isn’t letting this go, and we may see a fight on our hands, Biden’s time surely has come. Perhaps Trump’s will was boosted by his supporters’ social media swell, when the #RiggedElection movement gathered pace, and the Facebook group Stop The Steal amassed over 350,000 members before Facebook pulled the plug on it. This week we saw a truly unprecedented level of intervention from the social networks, with the President of the United States’ Twitter feed littered with warning labels.

For better or worse, Trump has changed the fabric of social media over the last four years. I expect he will continue to in whatever role he assumes in 2021, and thus Biden will no doubt fight for a more tightly-regulated web. The world will watch for what Biden will do now, and especially what he will to the social networks, with his experience first hand of the power an individual has been able to wield online. It is well documented that Biden is pro-regulation of social media, with his ‘stinging attacks’ on the social media CEOs. So watch for the next few months, as changes are already afoot, and the social media landscape under Biden will be much different to how it has been of late.

What we have seen from the Trump presidency is a change in how leaders communicate, with a focus on speed, impact, abrasion, confrontation, control and the mainstream (lamestream) media painted as the global villain. I seriously doubt this will continue from the top. But I bet my bottom dollar it will from the sidelines.

Follow Joe Biden on Twitter. His username is @JoeBiden and he already has ‘President Elect’ in his bio. He may only have 15m followers compared to Trump’s 88m, but what a difference four years makes.

Must reads

Here are the most interesting stories from what I have been reading this week.

Social media


  • Among us IRL: Sidemen take the Among Us craze and do it in real life.

  • EA tanks: profits and stock down after earnings, as the retailer underperforms versus pre-lockdown life

  • Nintendo demand soars: the Japanese game maker forecasts positive results. Perhaps its investment in mobile gaming over recent years has paid off.


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